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291 West 5400 S.  -  Suite 101 -  Salt Lake City, UT 84107 -  Phone: 1-866-788-6992

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What is filtering?
In the past, parental controls would prevent viewing of an entire movie.  Filtering is different. With filtering you can watch a movie and automatically skip over and mute just the scenes and language you don't want in front of your family audience.

What is the Family Movie Act?
Clearplay championed the Family Movie Act, which was passed by Congress in 2005. The Act received universal support as a way to uphold both the rights of families and the rights of copyright holders.

How does Clearplay work with streaming movies?
Clearplay has an app that works with streaming movies rented or purchased through online streaming services. This app is installed to work with the Chrome browser on your computer. The Clearplay app can be installed HERE.

Does Clearplay have good relationships with the copyright holders?
Yes!  Clearplay only releases filtering products that are compliant with copyright law. Keeping our products legal is one of the reasons we have stayed in business for over 19 years.

Who are the "Clearplay Families?"
Clearplay was started by a handful of families who wanted more entertainment options for their kids. We have been joined by other families across the country with a similar vision. We are so grateful for your support!

1. We believe that families can enjoy the show together.

2. We provide movie filtering that is innovative & respectful of copyright laws.

3. We make this experience available on popular entertainment platforms.